Theft is a fast pace comedy thriller in which five very different people play an escalating and hilarious game of cat and mouse.

John and Barbara Miles return from a celebratory dinner with their friends Jenny and Trevor Farrington to discover that their house had been burgled. But the culprit, a career criminal by the name of Spriggs, is still in the house. Spriggs initially convinces everyone that he is the local policeman sent to investigate the crime. Unmasked as the thief, he reveals that he knows a number of uncomfortable truths about the four friends, and artfully manipulates each of them, exposing their guilty secrets, childhood rivalries and character flaws, all of which threatens to disrupt two seemingly happy marriages and a lifelong friendship.

Through shrewd observations and stinging one-liners, Spriggs provides the audience with an entertaining, thought-provoking and witty social commentary on key issues such as marriage, money, morality and crime.

Eric Chappell is best known for his TV sit-com hits Rising Damp and Duty Free. Theft is full of his trademark sharp and funny dialogue.

Written by Eric Chappell

Directed by Jessica Colson

Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th June, 7.30 pm
Matinée, Saturday 8th June, 2.30 pm
Sherborne Studio Theatre, Marston Road, Sherborne

Tickets will be on sale from May 6th

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