In March 2022 APS presented Educating Rita by Willy Russell. The play follows the relationship between Rita (whose real name is Susan), a 29-year-old Liverpudlian working class hairdresser and Frank, a middle-aged university lecturer, during the course of a year. Rita, dissatisfied with the routine of her work and social life, is seeking inner growth by signing up for and attending an Open University course in English Literature. Frank is a middle-aged, alcoholic career academic who has taken on the tutorship to pay for his drink. The two have an immediate and profound effect on one another. Frank, impressed by Rita's verve and earnestness, re-examines his attitudes and position in life; Rita finds Frank's tutelage opens doors to a bohemian lifestyle and a new self-confidence. However, Frank's bitterness and cynicism return as he notices Rita beginning to adopt the pretensions of the university culture he despises. And Rita starts to realise that her new social niche is rife with the same dishonesty and superficiality she had previously sought to escape.

Sarah Nias (Rita)

Martin Williams (Frank)