Theft Auditions

This is a fast pace comedy thriller in which five very different people play an escalating and hilarious game of cat and mouse.

John and Barbara Miles return from a celebratory dinner with their friends Jenny and Trevor Farrington to discover that their country house had been burgled. The burglar is Spriggs, a career criminal, who initially convinces everyone that he is the local policeman sent to investigate the crime. Once unmasked as the thief, Spriggs artfully manipulates and corrupts each character, exposing guilty secrets, childhood rivalries and character flaws, all of which threaten to disrupt seemingly happy marriages and lifelong friendships.

Through shrewd observations and stinging one-liners, Spriggs provides the audience with an entertaining, thought-provoking and witty social commentary on key issue such as marriage, money, morality and crime.

Eric Chappell is best known for his TV sit-com hits Rising Damp and Duty Free and Theft is full of his trademark sharp and funny dialogue.

Trevor Farrington - 50s? Head boy at same school as John Miles but did not live up to expectations and was not successful in business. Pretending not to be envious of his friends success.
Jenny Farrington - younger than Trevor. Long suffering wife is her unsuccessful husband.
John Miles - 50s also. At school with Trevor where he was bullied. Came from a poor background but now extremely successful businessman.
Barbara Miles Johns wife. Elegantly dressed but rather fond of a drink or two.
Spriggs also 50s. Shifty and somewhat unfit!

I am not too fussed about the ages as long as they fit credibly together.

Auditions will be held on Monday 11th and 13th March at 7.30 in the Studio Theatre. If you are unable to make either of these dates and are interested in auditioning, I can organise another time for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Anyone interested in helping out back stage please do say.

For any further information, or to arrange an alternative audition appointment, contact the Director, Jessica Colson:


All events take place at 7.30 pm in the
Sherborne Studio Theatre
unless otherwise indicated

June Production
by Eric Chappell
directed by Jessica Colson
Mon 3rd - Sat 8th June, 7.30 pm
Sat 8th Jan, 2.30 pm


The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, directed by Bev Taylor-Wade,
has been nominated for the Best Comedy Production award.

Art, directed by Graham Smith,
has been nominated for Best Drama Production award.

Twelfth Night, directed by John Crabtree,
has been nominated for the Most Innovative Production award,
and also for the Hazelmere Award for Visual Excellence.

The award ceremony will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Plymouth on Saturday 18th May 2024.


We are delighted to announce that Robert Brydges has won the Rose Bowl Bevan Brittan LLP Solicitors Award for Best Actor (Dramatic Production) for his portrayal of Ken Harrison in Whose Life Is It Anyway?, directed by Martin Williams.

Rose Bowl Citation
This challenging role was as a hospital patient paralysed from the neck down, and yet somehow Robert generated greater movement on stage than many the adjudicator has seen this year. Despite being so restricted for three hours, from doors open to the walk down, he completely engaged the audience, bringing both humour and dignity to such a sombre subject as the right to die. Robert made us believe his character's words were not scripted but the earnest and genuine creed of someone in such a situation, and for this he is Best Actor in a dramatic production.

APS also received no less than four further nominations for three different shows this year. They were: :

First Corporate Award for Coup de Theatre
Patient in a bed - Whose Life Is it Anyway?

FT-Works Productions Award for Best Youth Actor in an Adult Production
Charlotte Berry - Nurse Kay in Whose Life Is it Anyway?

Bevan Brittan LLP Solicitors Award for Best Actor (Dramatic Production)
Liam Beard - Adrian Mole in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾

Eileen Hartley Hodder Award for Best Actress (Dramatic Production)
Sarah Nias - Emma in Betrayal