In October 2019 APS presented The Day After the Fair a play by Frank Harvey based on Thomas Hardy's short story On the Western Circuit, written in 1891 and collected in his 1894 volume of short stories entitled Life's Little Ironies.

Anna, an illiterate girl fresh from the country, works as maid to Edith Harnham, the bored and unhappy young wife of Arthur Harnham, a wealthy brewer in the cathedral town of Melchester (Salisbury). At the fair that has come to town Anna is picked up by Charles Bradford, a young London barrister. A correspondence ensues, during which Anna discovers that she is pregnant. Charles decides to propose marriage to Anna, only to discover just after the wedding that the letters he has been so charmed by have in fact been written on Anna's behalf by Edith. The play ends with the prospect of two inevitably unhappy marriages. Like several of Hardy's works of this period, this love-triangle tale illustrates his evident preoccupation with class, respectability and pregnancy outside wedlock.

A strong cast was directed by Kerry Gardner, a retired professional actor and director.

Rachael Alexander (Anna)
Jessica Colson (Letty Harnham)
Sarah Easterbrook (Edith Harnham)
Patrick Knox (Arthur Harnham)
Richard Jones (Charles Bradford)
Sara Sadegh-Tehrani (Sarah)